Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Human performance and mood often depend on the conditions in which they spend their time. Comfortable indoor climate is one of the main factors affecting labor productivity. Favorable temperature is considered to be 22 degrees. If it is above 26 degrees, a drop of efficiency becomes apparent, that’s why it is important to keep air temperature under control.

It is also necessary to monitor the state of indoor air. Ventilation should be good to clean it from mineral and organic impurities. The optimum content is about 21 % of oxygen in air and not more than 0.3 % of carbon dioxide for temperature of 20-240C, mobility of air mass of 0.1-0.15 m/s and relative humidity 5f 0-60%.

Modern technology provides a lot of options for improving outdated HVAC equipment. They can provide the required level of ventilation, heating, air purification, air conditioning, dehumidification and humidification.

Today, the most popular device among this king of equipment is an air conditioner supporting automatically the specified parameters. Depending on their functionality, conditioners can control some or all of the following parameters: air flow rate, humidity, cleanness, temperature.

Using modern technology, air conditioning and ventilation of air help to create more favorable climate conditions for health. Such equipment is installed in houses, offices and apartments. Conditioning systems also can be installed in commercial buildings.

Air-conditioning systems are selected depending on structural features of a room, its purpose. If you want to create the best conditions, it is necessary to take into account that installation of an air conditioner cannot completely solve the problem of ventilation. This view is widespread; however, it is wrong. The main task of air conditioning is not to clean air, but to cool it in summer. In autumn and spring, it is enough to heat air in a room.

Air conditioning provides recirculation of air masses in a room, as well as change in temperature. But an air conditioner cannot change gas composition; it does not eliminate harmful impurities. The principle of operation is based on the fact that cooled air subconsciously seems to be more clean than hot air, but with the same level of pollution. This fact supports the myth of great possibilities of air conditioning.

To breathe the fresh air, you need to equip a ventilation system. It replaces exhaust air with fresh air and is often used in conjunction with air conditioning, which brings the temperature of fresh air to the required level.

LLC “TRK” provides a full cycle of works on installation of HVAC equipment in rooms:
  • design of air conditioning and ventilation systems in industrial, residential and administrative buildings;
  • professional help and advice on selection of equipment in accordance with structural and purpose features of buildings;
  • individual completing of necessary equipment and materials for air conditioning and ventilation systems according to customer specifications;
  • selection of equipment that will meet the customer preferences;
  • quick and quality installation of systems for industrial and domestic use;
  • repair of HVAC systems;
  • warranty and post-warranty service.
We provide high quality services and guarantee timeliness and quality of installation and commissioning works.