Project Management

LLC TRK provides a full range of projects implementation undertaking responsibility for the project.

We commit ourselves to planning, coordination and monitoring within the project.

TRK specialists provide the following services in project management:
  • development and approval of the project concept, feasibility study;
  • development of strategies and financing of the project;
  • scheduling of the project;
  • collection of baseline data for designing;
  • coordination of project documentation;
  • obtaining permits;
  • tendering to select a general designer and general contractor;
  • monitoring compliance of the project documentation with the customers specifications and the National Building Code;
  • monitoring compliance of the National Building Code estimates with the market value;
  • risk management;
  • optimization of design, technology, quality and cost characteristics of the object;
  • obtaining permits for construction and installation works;
  • monitoring the project progress (operational planning of the project implementation, monitoring of deadlines, cost and quality control);
  • commissioning of the object.