Structured cabling system

What is SCS? This is an infrastructure composed of cables serving one or multiple objects. Structured cabling system consists of a set of switching elements and allows for a very efficient data transfer, quick connection of equipment and trouble-free operation of any of standard applications.

As experience shows, SCS is much more efficient than traditional cable systems. What are its main benefits?

1. To transfer signals, this system uses network equipment and switching equipment.
2. SCS allows you to simultaneously and effectively use telephone and computer networks, local automatic telephone stations, alarm systems and CCTV.
3. The network has high bandwidth and allows for all kinds of information exchange.
4. Monitoring and control of SCS (all building services combined by the system) is carried out by means of centralized control.
5. Such a network may be changed or expanded without the need for global changes in all parts of the network.
6. Creation of new jobs (or move of old ones) within the building does not require additional cabling.
7. Availability of universal sockets allows you to connect any network equipment.
8. SCS enables to effectively combine copper and fiber-optic cables.
9. Manufacturers of these networks ensure their smooth operation of up to 25 years.

Our company has been successfully engaged in creation of SCS taking into account all the features of an object and the customer preferences. In our work, we also consider the prospects for future development of information technologies, so that the network can be effectively upgraded over time.

We correctly arrange server rooms, telecommunication facilities and cable lines, so that our work would be relatively inexpensive for the customer, and the system would work effectively. Reduce the cost of work is also contributed by selection of inexpensive but high-quality consumables that we have repeatedly proven in practice. Specialists of LLC TRK carefully monitor quality of all materials used in creation of the system.

Our experts will offer you the best solutions in installation applications:

- SCS;

- ATS for offices;

- Wireless communication systems in industrial facilities;

- Backup power systems, uninterruptible power supply and power cable systems.

In addition, our expertise includes:
- Delivery of various communication and computing tools;

- Installation climate equipment in IT rooms (air-conditioning and ventilation);

- Construction of channels for engineering networks (both internal and external), including networks designed to operate in hostile environments;

- Creation of server and switch rooms and debugging of their work.

TRK company has the status of an installer of systems from leading manufacturers (such as Reichle&De-Massari, Vinet, RiT, AMP and others), and this status is confirmed by the corresponding certificates.