Design of electrical networks

Before using any electrical equipment, it is necessary to carry out comprehensive commissioning works. Commissioning is the final stage, but it’s no less important than equipment installation. In carrying out this type of work, it is necessary to eliminate the mistakes made in the previous stages from design development to installation of electrical equipment.

In the course of design development, it is not always possible to take into account all the nuances of installation of electrical equipment. Some of them appear only during the test run, that’s why untrained personnel cannot be charged with testing expensive equipment. This may cause equipment failure, damage of system components and huge financial costs of repair and re- commissioning.

We provide professional task solutions, efficient commissioning, repair, upgrade, and maintenance of electrical equipment in the course of its operation. Our service department employs specialists with many years of experience in repairing a wide range of electrical equipment.

In order to properly and competently perform the work associated with operation of electrical equipment, our specialists examine electrical part of equipment and carefully examine the process of its installation. As employees of “TRK” company are high-level professionals, we can guarantee that even the most sophisticated work will be performed efficiently and on time.

The Electrical Department of “TRK” TOV offers a full range of commissioning work at any level of complexity, modernization of existing electrical installations and commissioning of equipment on construction sites.

LLC “TRK” performs the following works:
- design of electrical networks (creating of draft design, 3D visualization, implementation and coordination of design documentation);

- development and implementation of individual design projects;

- installation and design of main switch room (assembly of shields, installation of “” short break logic, count shields, installation of diesel generator stations);

- installation of cable lines and internal wiring in offices, warehouses and houses;

- installation of electrical outlets on walls, in switching blind hatches, columns, cable ducts;

- development of individual lighting control circuits (straight-way groups, impulse relay, rockers, motion detectors, twilight);

- installation of working and emergency lighting;

- commissioning works;

- services of the electrical laboratory (measurement of insulation resistance, earth loop impedance, ambient light measurements using a light meter, etc.).

We guarantee high quality of works within the specified time.