Operating services

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Companies willing to rent real estate of high class want to get not just an office space in a business center, but also a full range of services that are necessary for normal functioning of a room and a business center as a whole.

To solve these problems, there is a kind of business that our company offers – Facility Management: a type of service business, where a contracting company undertakes all non-core activities of customers, not related to their core business. Customers, in turn, are able to focus on their core business.

Real estate as the most essential part of fixed assets of enterprises and organizations, as well as business object, such as development and leasing, is the main object for such services as Facility Management.
The main functions of Facility Management:

1. Maintenance of engineering systems.
2. Resource management and logistics.
3. Space, facilities, and infrastructure management.
4. Document management.
5. Contract management.
6. Construction, engineering, fire engineering supervision.
7. Help-Desk, web portal, reception services.
8. Project management.
9. Inventory of assets and infrastructure.

Guarantee of a perfect technical condition of the building can be supported with regular and timely monitoring of structure and system conditions with taking operational measures to maintain them in good condition.

Operation and maintenance of engineering systems include:

1. Maintenance.
2. Public service.
3. Cleaning and garbage removal.
4. Improvement of neighborhood areas and phytodesign in common areas.
5. Maintenance repair of common areas, facades, structural elements.
6. Provision of facility security, operation of security equipment and CCTV.
7. Organization of parking.

One of the main advantages of the management company is creation of advanced logistics infrastructure. The company independently fulfills requests for spare parts, consumables, and equipment that must be replaced or used according to the date of service, reserves them in stock or buys them. At the same time, it constantly maintains minimum-maximum stock availability of equipment and materials that would intelligently allocate working capital avoiding downtime due to waiting for delivery of materials required.

Saving of heat and electricity in common areas of office buildings is one of the highest priorities of the management company. Carrying out technical and economic calculation, the company can significantly reduce costs for use of heat and electricity in common areas, and these savings will not affect the comfort.

Visual appeal of a building is also an important component of and office center. Every successful company aims to maintain its image as a modern office. In this case, it is its “face”, because the way a business center looks like allows judging the financial viability of the companies that occupy it.