General contracting services

Our experience allows us as a General Contractor to implement construction projects of any level of complexity and function (office and shopping malls, warehouses and logistics centers, industrial facilities, cottages, etc.

By entering into a construction contract, LLC TRK undertakes all obligations and risks associated with sub-contractors entering into contracts, quality and time management and proper budget expenditure.

We are ready to undertake overall project management, including the following responsibilities:

1. Full responsibility for all construction stages and results, including project budget

2. Development and implementation of construction budget distribution according to approved estimates.

3. Planning of all construction stages.

4. Optimization of all features: from design and technology to price and quality.

5. Timely and adequate provision of construction with finance and resources, both technological and professional.

6. Performance of various construction and assembly works (no additional manpower).

7. Competitive selection of subcontractors and suppliers of consumables.

8. Creation, coordination and monitoring of compliance with progress schedule.

9. Monitoring of compliance with all production techniques.

10. Monitoring of compliance with occupational and fire safety, job safety rules, and environmental constraints.

11. Control over precise adherence to all paragraphs of contracting and subcontracting contract; accurate and consistent implementation of all commitments made.

12. Supervision and commissioning works of any complexity.

13. Receiving and inspection of work finished.

14. Commissioning of a facility (with preparation and approval of all required documentation).

General contracting services that we provide enable our customers to comprehensively get rid of worries and concerns to give a finished facility.